What you should do before you make your move.

7-8 weeks before move

  • Create a “move file” to keep track of estimates, receipts and other important information. 
  • Gather all necessary legal and financial documents.
  • Phone insurance agent to see if any changes are required to your new policy.
  • Begin packing items you don’t use often, such as seasonal clothing.
  • Start collecting boxes and moving supplies. Don’t have enough? Don’t worry. The Storage Company has moving & packing boxes and supplies to make your move easy. 

3-4 weeks before move

  • File a change of address with Canada Post.
  • Schedule the disconnection of all utility services at your old home, and connection of them at your new one.
  • Cancel your subscription or change your address with newspapers and magazines.

1-2 weeks before move

  • Pack “essentials” box and “last load” items.
  • Plan meals to use up your food you will not be able to take with you.
  • Create a folder with important information about your house for the new home owner. Include special instructions and manuals to work appliances, alarms, etc. 

Day of move

  • Check every room, closet and cupboard one last time.
  • Take utility metre readings.
  • Leave a note with your new address in the house so next residents can forward mail as needed.