Tips on how to store your belongings.

Whether you’re planning to rent a storage unit for a long period or just a short time, you’ll want to maximize your space.

  • Take advantage of the space in shelves and drawers by filling them up.
  • Store long items vertically.
  • Place mirrors between mattresses.
  • Remove wheels from all items.
  • Pack the unit from back to front.
  • Group like items together when possible.
  • Pack items in similar size boxes for easy stacking.

Are old electronics using up good space in your basement or spare room? Look through our business storage tips to see how to store your electronic devices or documents and records.

Business storage tips.


  • A climate control storage unit is important when storing any electronic items.
  • Back up data and store in separate places to ensure you have copies of the information.
  • Do not wrap electronic devices for long-term storage in plastic; plastic traps moisture and promotes mildew and mould.
  • Protect glass (monitor screens, scanner glass, etc.) with bubble wrap. Do not lean or place anything heavy on glass items.

Files and documents:

  • Use a locked filing system or fire safe to add an extra layer of protection to important documents.
  • Store boxes with old information that’s less likely to be needed at the back.