Walk around your house and count the number of rooms in the house, then record that number. Make sure you count every room, including bathrooms and common areas.

Multiply the number of rooms you have in your house by 150.

Whatever number you end up with is going to be used as a cubic-foot measurement for the space in the moving truck. For example, if you have three rooms, you need 450 cubic feet of moving truck space. The general rule of thumb goes like this:


12-foot truck: 450 cubic feet
16-foot truck: 800 cubic feet
22-foot truck: 1,200 cubic feet
26-foot truck: 1,400 cubic feet

Take the number of rooms you have in your house and use that number against the following scale:

  • 15-foot truck: three rooms
    20-foot truck: five rooms
    24-foot truck: eight rooms

    Compare the two guides from steps 3 and 4 with the length of vehicles available at The Storage Company. At this point, the safest bet is to go one size larger than you actually need, just in case you need more space or have miscalculated. For example, if you have a five-room home, according to the two charts you would need either a 16-foot truck or a 20-foot truck. To make sure you have enough room in the vehicle, rent a 20- or 22-foot truck. That way, you won’t have to make two trips, which will take longer, and ultimately cost more money.