Extra Insurance coverage for peace of mind.

Insurance Coverage for self-storage

Not all homeowner insurance will cover items in self-storage. For extra assurance that your personal items are safe, we offer optional tenant insurance for your belongings while they are kept on our premises.

Insurance for your contents in storage

You might be surprised to learn that your personal property stored at a self storage facility is not covered by the facility for loss or damage. In addition, your Homeowners or Tenants insurance policy may only provide limited coverage on your property while in storage. In fact, most policies only provide coverage for 30 days.

While the Storage Company takes several steps to minimize risks, it’s important to protect your contents from some of the perils that unfortunately sometimes occur, such as fire, theft, earthquake, flood, and sewer back-up.

The Storage Company offers insurance plans through the Cowan Group. The Cowan Group can help by providing Customer Storage Insurance for as long as you use your storage unit. It is easy, convenient and available at a low cost – simply pay your premiums along with your rental payments to the operator of the storage facility.


If It’s Worth Storing It’s Worth Insuring

Your Insurance Coverage

Pioneering self-storage insurance solutions for over 25 years, the Cowan Group provides protection on your personal property including:

  • Broad form coverage that will protect you against most losses
  • $500 deductible unless otherwise stated on the certificate of insurance
  • Limited coverage on electronic and business goods

Program Features

  • Seven day/24 hour claims service
  • Claims professionals located across the country
  • Low-cost personal insurance also available


$3/$1,000 insured per month*

*Rates vary based length of term. Talk to one of our storage solution experts about details and pricing.